vynFluence: a world-first dynamic sales performance indicator

In sales, CRM win rates and ‘probability’ are one-dimensional, imperfect opportunity indicators. These are static, often late to be updated and quantitative-only, meaning that most probability forecasts miss the vital ‘why’ feedback from salespeople. Accordingly, spend increases – impacting forecasting accuracy, resource allocation and win rates.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Designed by sales professionals who understand large deal pipeline dynamics, vynFluence is an all-new measure for opportunity progress control. Employed with the vyn (SmartVideoNotes) platform and seamlessly embedded into CRM, it builds a single, reliable data metric for opportunity progression, support and elimination.

How it worksvynFluence by vyn intelligently evaluates three areas, giving you a much more realistic view of your pipeline:

  • Dormancy: Opportunities with infrequent or lagging updates are less likely to close favourably.
  • Client Interaction Updates: The timing, frequency and metadata from call notes and client updates serve as another indicator of progress (or a lack thereof).
  • Internal reviews

vynFluence creates a live progress alert, spotting gaps and lags for more agile management decisions and better forecasting, which in turn drives higher win rates. vynFluence is the new currency of fresh client interactions into CRM systems.

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If you’re interested in understanding how vyn and vynFluence could cleanse your sales pipeline, why don’t you get in touch to see it in action.

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