Ready for Arch Summit!

vyn will be exhibiting ​on the 3rd and 4th of May in mainland Europe at the above expo. A first of its kind in Luxembourg, the two-day event is designed to facilitate collaboration and build connections on a human level within the Vodafone innovation community.

Arch Summit 2018* brings together an unprecedented concentration of innovators and executive decision makers from around the world to nurture collaboration and efficiencies between small companies with big ideas (startups) and large enterprises with deep pockets (corporates).

No more forms…

As you know, vyn offers a cutting-edge video solution that effortlessly captures high-value intelligence to drive smarter business actions.

At Arch Summit vyn will be showcasing the following three cutting-edge solutions, all driving simplicity, productivity and compliance (without forms):

  • vyn for Sales, B2B call notes integrated into CRM workflows for faster deal prioritisation.
  • vyn for Service, field engineer updates into FSM workflows, e.g. H&S, repairs and asset management.
  • vyn for Care, an exciting new opportunity for customer feedback straight to a call centre for quicker and significantly more resource-effective response.

vyn has also entered for the €50,000 Whoopi Goldberg Female Empowerment Award at the event, for 30+ startups with a female founder/co-founder (in our case, our CTO, Arti Khanna). The diverse and inclusive vyn workforce is powered by 40% women, of which over two thirds are returning mothers.

Arch Summit is brought to you by Tomorrow Street, a joint venture between Vodafone and the Technoport Incubator.

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