Top tips to build Openness & Trust

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This month, I’d like to share some of our actions and thoughts on Trust, one of the three values we hold dear. Read on!

How do you build Trust in your Data?


Data science plays an important role in predicting where you will go next. Mayank, our Chief Data Officer, shares the 3 critical steps to improve accuracy and build trust in your data:

  1. Combine machine and human intelligence
  2. Improve the quality of your data
  3. Add context to your data

Read Mayank’s blog on Data Science to learn more, and glean how vyn is delivering on these.

Building Trust with your Customers

Kapil, vyn CEO, at the Future of Utilities Summit in London

Kapil, vyn CEO, at the Future of Utilities Summit in London

In an engaging presentation at the Summit, Kapil reminded the audience that to build trust with customers, leaders must re-imagine their workflows, to “Show & Tell” and drive Simplicity, Consistency and Visibility.

Curious to know how vyn addresses these very principles? Read our blog here

Transparency increases Trust, and Satisfaction

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In this fascinating article by Ryan W. Buell, learn how Transparency is most beneficial when it’s allowed to flow in both directions – from customers into the operation and from the employees out to customers.

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