How can you unify the customer experience? Read our top insights from the recent London Salesforce World Tour.

We chatted with Viki Michael our Customer Success Manager at Vyn about what she learnt from the event.

salesforce dream teamvyn dream team from left to right: Kapil, Charu, Viki and Mala

Hi Viki, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your role within Vyn?

I’m Viki Michael and I have been working with Vyn for just over a year. I’m part of our Customer Success operation and our main objective is to keep our clients informed and happy! Once our Sales team have agreed terms with a new client, we assist them in the onboarding process and enable the best possible experience to get them up and running with the Vyn platform, from setting up storyboards to discussing the use of ‘prompts’ to ease usability. We then ensure that all the right people are kept informed with progress and adoption reports.

“Once a client is an established user, we help them develop the intelligence harnessed through Vyn’s AI-driven data collection, resulting in timely and better informed business decisions.”

What was your highlight from the London Salesforce World Tour event?

salesforce crowd

It was an immense gathering of like-minded individuals and the room was buzzing with energy. There were a whole host of other partner firms all showcasing their ‘wares’ form builders to geolocation specialists. The main draw were the stands that demonstrated Salesforce’s latest offerings. The key thrust of the World Tour was the Salesforce Customer 360, which promises to deliver a unified customer experience, without blind spots. It displays a complete view of each customer and every aspect of their relationship with you – from sales, to marketing and commerce – all in one place.

salesforce 360

What particularly resonated with you about Salesforce’s new 360 view?

First and foremost, the fundamental approach of making users lives easier is something that I fully appreciate. At Vyn we too always aim to simplify work life for everyone. Additionally the concept that you can show a holistic view of your client relationship all ‘under one roof’ is so practical for today, when information can become fragmented. It is hugely valuable to bring together all aspects of your customer interactions including; who and where they are, who has the buying power, what technology they use, their industry, what campaigns they have seen and what events they’ve attended.

What do you think are Vyn’s greatest benefits for business?

The Vyn platform provides a fully inclusive solution that brings the whole organisation together and encourages collaborative working by utilising visual representation. It captures a complete visual history of all interactions and easily enables the whole opportunity team (for sales) or any field engineer (for service industry) to learn from previous experiences and contact with clients.

“Essentially it is powerful information that drives pipelines forward, improves customer Net Promoter Score and ultimately generates success for your business.”

salesforce prompt

“Video is 5x more impactful on the human brain than any other communication medium.” *Royal Neuroscience Society 2012

By integrating Vyn into Salesforce (and other platforms), sales teams benefit from clearly tracking their opportunities and removing the burden of remembering all aspects of client interactions. Using our ‘prompts’, you will be emailed links to previous relevant videos that will ensure that you are fully briefed before your next client meeting. It keeps pipelines healthy, while management stay fully informed of progress and are able to track the financial implications. For service companies, engineers benefit from best practice, seeing first-hand the issues that have previously been dealt with, all the while ensuring there is a full audit trail of works completed.

Health & Safety near-misses can be highlighted and dealt with before having a more serious impact. And these are just a few of the ways in which Vyn can assist in making your business a more dynamic and focused environment.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

We take enormous pleasure in helping clients benefit from the informed view that Vyn enables for them. Vyn is an integral part of the 360 view of your customer, because Vyn offers a complete history of interactions with customers; capturing them in targeted, succinct, video note form. Speaking with engineers and managers about how much simpler their lives have become since adopting Vyn, just makes our work with clients feel really worthwhile!

“Vyn keeps all parties happy – from senior level management to the individual sales manager or field service engineer – and when our clients are happy, we are happy too!”

salesforce mala kapilMala and Kapil feeling inspired outside the London Salesforce World Tour at ExCel

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Vyn is available on the Salesforce AppExchange here.

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