Learnings from Salesforce World Tour London, 2018

On Thursday, May 17th, vyn had the opportunity along with two other finalists to pitch for the Most Innovative Startup prize (‘Dreampitch’) at Salesforce World Tour at the ExCel in London, the home of world leading events.

Kapil Singhal (CEO) and Arti Khanna (CTO) pitching in front of the Dreampitch panel of judges

Alan Pascoe (AP) asks

Arti, congratulations for making it to the final three in such a prestigious competition. What positives did you take from presenting to 4,000 attendees, and live-streaming to tens of thousands?”

Arti Khanna (“AK”, CTO | vyn)

It was an amazing experience for me! An opportunity to share our vision with so many people was exciting. Especially when so many users walked up to us and said we liked your pitch and love your idea. That made our day! We have so many new users who share our dream of #nomoreforms… and that was the winning moment for me.  That is what drives us – the voice of the user.


Kapil, the judging panel were acknowledged experts in funding and assisting startups. What wisdom did you receive from them after the competition?

Kapil Singhal (“KS”, CEO | vyn)

It was very encouraging to hear positive advice from the judges. The one that stood out for me was that diversity creates better business outcomes. That is very close to our heart as we have a very diverse team – 40% women, 7 nationalities – and we encourage returning moms to join the vyn team.

Kapil Singhal (CEO for vyn) presenting at Dreampitch

Kapil Singhal, CEO & Co-Creator | vyn

Arti Khanna (CTO for vyn) presenting at Dreampitch

Arti Khanna, CTO & Co-Creator | vyn


Finally, to both of you, what were your overall takeaways from the experience?


For me, just pitching under time pressure, in front of respected judges and a global audience, was a once in a lifetime experience. What amazed me is how the audience unanimously agreed with us on the problem we are solving – no more forms – the entire hall came to life with a full show of hands! And, a big kudos to Salesforce for planning the event so well, supporting all along the way to make us fully at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Salesforce continues to amaze me – they have built a dynamic ecosystem that they continue to invest in. I have always found Salesforce to be a developer-friendly platform and as a Dreampitch finalist I got to witness first hand the support their marketing provides to help startups and entrepreneurs. Salesforce World Tour, London 2018 was a powerful stage to tell the vyn story and now their whole ecosystem shares our dream.

Dreampitch judges and finalists at Salesforce World Tour London 2018
Judges and finalists, L to R: James Caan, serial entrepreneur and former investor on Dragons’ Den; Jin Chen of Digital Fineprint (finalist); Jacqueline de Rojas, president of Tech UK and chair of the Digital Leaders board; Dale Murray, angel investor and co-founder of Omega Logic; Liz Fulham of SalesOptimize (Dreampitch winner); Kapil Singhal, CEO & Co-Creator of vyn; Arti Khanna, CTO & Co-Creator of vyn.

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