Field Service Priorities in 2021: Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

In the best of times, uncertainty can be scary – we all know the expression about best-laid plans. Given there is so much at stake, how do enterprises plan and prepare for uncertainty?

Now throw the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix, and we have a situation where there are widespread disruptions of systems and services throughout the world. This environment of heightened uncertainty has forced businesses to contend with radically altered socioeconomic and market conditions, and adapt to new workforce and workflow configurations.

We at Vyntelligence specialize in helping businesses deal with uncertainty. Constantly looking at how the priorities of businesses evolve over time, we asked our connections, clients, investors and advisors in the Field Service industry to share their top business priorities for 2021. The results highlighted 4 leading priorities for the year, with a clear winner at the top which was the main concern of 47% of respondents.

Though each of these challenges are complex and multi-faceted, it is possible to bring simple solutions to each, by leveraging the right data solutions, human insight and other resources effectively.

Below are the Top Business Priorities for the Field Service Industry in 2021.

 After Holiday 2021

  1. Improve Operational Efficiency (47%)
    Examples: Reduce costs, save visits, reduce downtime, increase productivity, prevent waste.Operational efficiency naturally suffers in the face of uncertainty. Merely reacting to unforeseen developments in an ad hoc fashion increases costs and forces people to spend more time and resources to complete a task. For example, a job or task specified poorly can lead to a wasted technician visit, injuries or poor quality of work

    Improving operational efficiency
    requires planning for uncertainty. In addition to having effective contingency plans, it is important to proactively capture the right kind of information ahead of time, and deliver it to the right people so that the appropriate plan can be implemented. This includes figuring out the nature of a problem before dispatching a field service worker. It also includes creating and deploying effective strategies for expert field service workers facing uncertainty. With the right data, you can plan for uncertainty because you’re more aware of what the uncertainty might look like. Finally, it includes having an effective communication and collaboration mechanism between the field service teams and back office management to intelligently adapt to uncertainty in real time.
  2. Enhancing Customer Experience (33%)
    Service & satisfaction.Regardless of your specific product or service, the recipe to provide your customers with a delightful experience is rather easy to state: You need to give your customer an easy channel to communicate with you, and you need to have a responsive service department that is empowered to address customer issues.

    Ideally, you want to take your customer experience and service to the next level. Your customers should be able to communicate and resolve their query without having to repeat themselves to multiple service agents and without undue delay, at any time of the day. You would want to address capacity planning and routing issues, and conduct root-cause analyses, continuously enhancing the experience of each individual customer.

  3. Digital Transformation (13%)
    Automation of workflows, Augmented Intelligence through Data-driven insights.The road to Digital transformation is complex and layered. It involves not only digitizing business artifacts, but also building truly digital processes and workflows, and finally, building a data-driven decision-making culture.

    Vyntelligence is your partner throughout this journey. We enable multimodal data capture so that you can move away from paper forms. We allow you to build intelligent fully-digital workflows and integrate them via dashboards and systems of record. And finally, our AI-engine provides you with actionable insights that augment the ability of your workforce to act in a truly data-driven manner.

  4. Net Zero & Sustainability Targets (7%)
    Building sustainable processes and achieving Net ZeroThere is a growing awareness that businesses need to make concrete changes to the way they operate if they truly want to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and net-zero goals.

    Vyntelligence not only helps reduce waste by swapping paper forms and checklists with smart structured video, but also saves carbon miles worth 6 return trips from America to Australia with solutions like Remote Audit that reduce callouts. Our AI technology is smart not only because of the insights it generates, but also because we use it smartly. By supporting our clients’ goals for Net Zero & Sustainability, Vyntelligence is proud to support the movement itself.

We take pride in helping our clients meet their goals in the face of uncertainty and change. By using the Vyntelligence platform and solutions, our customers’ workforces are more productive and better prepared, reducing incidents and injuries, cutting down on time spent on compliance, and enhancing the customer experience. Through consolidated, visual information we enable our customers to capture rich data that is immediately actionable, highly personalized, and driving quality throughout the workforce.

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