eBook: How the Water Industry Can Lead the Way in Digital Customer Experience

Ebook water industry

Today’s customers expect a simple, quick and tailored service experience. In the water industry, the introduction of Customer Measure of Experience (C-MeX) and Developer Measure of Experience (D-MeX) in Ofwat’s price review aim to incentivise UK water companies to deliver better services. Utilities need to realise the opportunity new technologies present for them to innovate and improve their customer experience.

Digital technologies have the potential to transform the water industry, enabling smarter use of resources, unlocking new opportunities to drive efficiency and reimagining customer experience. In the face of climate change, digital innovation also has an important role to play in enabling strategic sustainability and carbon reduction.

Our eBook takes a closer look at the challenges that utilities face today and the digital solution they must implement to enable customer self-service and triage, digital quality assurance checks and much more!

The eBook includes customer case studies highlighting how leading water companies such as Northumbrian Water and Welsh Water have improved their customer experience and operational efficiency with SmartVideoNotes.