Simpler, digital remote audits with Vyn

Multi million savings from remote audits with fewer experts, 71%↓in time to audit and 68%↓ in asset install failures

The Challenge

Urgent need to deliver new network faster with high quality. Our client was under pressure to deliver new network faster and wanted to cut the installation to site acceptance time cycle across 1000s of assets Complex checklists, paper-based processes and multiple handoffs resulted in quality snags and an average of 14-days to complete the audit Audit coverage with a limited number of engineers and experts, and multiple subcontractors was a challenge. This created an urgent need for a digital process to enable remote site acceptance & risk assessment.

The Solution

Intelligent automation, smart nudges and real-time analytics dashboard. 150-point Audit checklists digitised with SmartVideo Storyboards and a simple 3-step process enabled:


Subcontractors are auto-guided to create short video notes (Vyns) on asset install. Upon upload, Vyns are automatically tagged, categorised and available on-demand.

Remote audit and collaboration

Experts are instantly notified. Dashboard and a searchable asset database with active collaboration enable same day remote audits.

Digital site acceptance

Automated tagging and image annotations enable sharper review for remote job acceptance. Smart recommendations accelerate next actions.

The Outcome

Faster, better quality asset installation and a move to 100% remote audit with fewer experts

“We’ve transformed our installation audits by making them 100% remote using Vyn SmartVideoNotes.”
– Quality Manager,
Network Health & Engineering

Deployed in just six weeks

Vyn SmartVideoNotes was deployed within six weeks and contractors on-boarded remotely. Role based real-time analytics delivered

71% reduction in install to commission time

Site acceptance times has moved to less than 2 days, down from 14. Travel costs and reduced carbon miles with remote digital audits add to further savings

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