Transform the quality of data captured to simplify workflows and drive actions.

Bring your processes to life in a whole new way by quickly building intelligence from your field teams with vyn, so you see what’s happening and why. vyn captures SmartVideoNotes, on the go, by asking the right people the right questions at the right time - all in a minute or less.

vyn SmartVideoNotes make it easy to capture high quality updates from the field, site visits or any client interaction directly into your workflow. You can also securely share them with a wider team.

Accelerate data flow from your field teams to drive higher productivity and richer compliance. Ask the people who know best.

vyn – quick summary

30-75 second self-recorded video notes (‘vyns’).
Guided storyboards based on your processes and methodologies keep your content focused, relevant, concise and actionable.

AI-powered prompts facilitate rapid response and feedback. vyn drives both compliance, visibility and timely opportunity progression.

End-to-end data and privacy protection ensures information remains totally secure.

Automatically post vyns straight into existing workflow systems from mobile - even offline.

Tags, storyboard categorisation and speech-to-text word recognition provides a rich source of metadata to drive action.

vyn – quick summary

vyn delivers augmented intelligence

Video-enabled structured data capture into enterprise systems, to enhance and replace manual forms or text fields in just 60 seconds.

Timely & rich data to drive higher compliance, productivity and cost savings as leaders gain better insights to act faster.

Enterprise-grade security, open API SaaS platform designed for any workflow integration, e.g. CRM (Salesforce), FSM and People Systems.

Augmented intelligence & personalized, prompted workflows* to enhance data capture and encourage actions for better planning, timely interventions and focus on next steps.

Speech-to-text, video metadata search and analyses. Deliver quantitative trends from qualitative data for richer, smarter business decisions.

* Patents approved.

vyn – delivers

Seriously secure

vyn is hosted on Amazon's AWS infrastructure, providing high levels of availability, security, and data protection supported by compliance to a wide range of international infrastructure security standards. vyn uses state-of-the-art encryption, operational technology, and operational processes, to provide high levels of assurance to customers.  

vyn is available in two configurations. Our tenanted platform provides a reliable and secure solution for small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from sharing infrastructure costs, while maintaining high standards of data protection. For larger enterprises with very high data protection requirements, or requiring dedicated reserved processing capacity, a virtual private cloud configuration is available.

vyn is now IASME and GDPR certified.

Seriously secure Vyn

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