Commitment to the Field Services Community

We remain committed to our purpose. Simplify work-life for busy field professionals and create time for health & well-being.

Fewer field visits and remote working is the need of the hour. Now, more than ever before, we are realising the importance of tools that support business continuity.

The good news: our clients are sustainably reducing field visits for supervisors, auditors and managers by enabling field teams to capture short guided Vyn “self-audit” videos.

For the next 90 days, we would like to offer, at no additional cost, to any business with small or large field teams or its 3rd parties, the use of Vyn’s Smart Video technology. It is our commitment to our purpose and the community (Pledge 1%).

How did our clients improve remote productivity?

Using digital technology to see what field teams see has made their business more agile, reduced their order-to-cash cycles, and improved quality focus.

Vyn’s short guided (storyboarded) videos are smart enablers for their field teams that simplify large & complex jobs involving pre-installation surveys or field visits for site acceptance.

Finally, we would like to thank our clients, partners and customers for being trail blazers in using our patented Vyn technology and storyboards.

Would you like to re-imagine your field visit processes with a smart digital mobile video solution?

Get in touch today to find out how, at no additional cost for the next 90 days, Vyn can help your field teams achieve more with better remote productivity.

Just email [email protected].

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