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vyn is now IASME and CE certified!vyn iasme gdpr certified

This is an EU requirement that takes effect in May 2018, raising the bar for how companies store and use the personal information they hold about EU citizens. We’re proud to be ahead of the game in being compliant to these standards.

Read the press release.

Did you miss Dreamforce this month?

Let me give you a quick recap:

  • Ashton Kutcher tells an inspiring story about using technology as a force for good. (You can catch up on his talk and others via Salesforce LIVE).
  • Marc Benioff officially declares the 4th industrial revolution – in the age of big data, inaccurate data and ‘fake news’, here’s one tip for staying at the front of the wave.
  • Have a look at Salesforce’s top 10 list for more Dreamforce highlights

Did you know?FMCG vyn

vyn generates more than just ‘B2B Call Notes’. Some of our top FMCG clients flip the camera to highlight quick competitor insights and feedback on product promotions. While all SmartVideoNotes provide metadata and insights for a clearer picture of your performance, reversing the camera gives the full context, reducing the need to type and take photos. This significantly improves the fidelity in feedback, reduces cost and accelerates market responsiveness.

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