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The top 3 themes that emerged from the day’s vyns really resonated with me:

1. Ask relevant open questions

I love this one. You can’t get anywhere unless you get the answers you need – making sure that you’re qualifying properly, that your client is ready to buy, and your product or service is the right fit for your client. The better the question, the better the answer. Five people highlighted asking the right questions at the right time:

“Get to the point, don’t waste time, ask the right questions”

– Elliot Sadler, Litmos

“Listen to your customer, ask a lot of questions, follow up, and work towards satisfying your customer to the fullest”

– Richa Kumar, We Achieve

2. Listen actively

If you’ve ever tried to sell anything, I’m sure you would at some point have experienced getting carried away talking excitedly about what you’re trying to sell. Or, thinking about the points you have prepared and need to get across. Having an open mind as you start to build a relationship with a customer is perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt from working with customers.

Seven vynners highlighted the importance of active listening during a client interaction:

“Make sure you actually spend time listening. We have two ears and one mouth – use them in that order!”

– Suzanne Shields, Cognizant

“Plan your conversations, ask the right questions, listen more than you speak”

– Su Askew, Value Selling Associates

3. Treat every client as an individual

I sincerely believe that people buy from people. The key is to take the time to show genuine interest in the customer at a human level. Nine – nearly a quarter – of our “Sales hack” vyns feature the word “customer”. Most of these highlight the importance of a relationship with them:

“Make sure you know your customer, do some background research before talking to them. Get information about the company, make sure you are relevant to them so that you gain their interest”

– Jason Lees, Salesforce

“Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date… The customers want to know who you are as a salesperson and if you are good to work with.”

– Max Altschuler, Sales Hacker

Thoughtful questions, active listening and a customer-centric attitude as keys to great selling are no big surprise – but do companies successfully employ these values in their sales teams? What we’re doing at vyn is actively placing the right questions in front of the right person, and bringing high quality human data into the CRM spotlight. “Soft skills” like the ones encouraged above become second nature. I’m proud to say that vyn has helped embed a simple yet powerful focus on making selling a happier activity.

Do you agree with these top 3 selling tips? What’s the most effective way to embed a sales methodology? Would love to hear your thoughts one-on-one or in the comments.


*vyns are smart video notes – short, structured, high value insights and updates, created by asking the right people the right questions at the right time. Get in touch to find out more.

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