The Power of Perspectives

A bookshelf where each book is named after a question word.

4 simple leadership phrases to build a culture of innovation

Asking the ‘why’ and other innovation hacks



A deep discussion between two people.

Find the long-lasting impact of curiosity and asking the right questions

To change someone’s mind, stop talking and listen



The Eye by Mala Morris

Mala shares her top 3 insights from vyn’s journey since our March 2017 launch

Reflections of a one-year-old 



Demystifying Artificial Intelligence. 4 experts, 4 industries, 40 Perspectives. London 14th March.


Demystifying AI: Perspectives London 14th March

Our 5th Perspectives evening is coming up, and if you’re planning on joining us along with our 4 world class guest speakers, you will be helping us to “Demystify AI”. Spaces are limited so please get in touch for an invite.


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