The Global Pandemic: A Good Time to Start a Job?

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Since Q3 of last year, the Vyntelligence team has doubled in size. While the onboarding of new talent is always praised and brings with it much excitement for the company, it is often an equally exciting yet nervous time for those joining.

Starting a new job is a carefully navigated period requiring much consideration and adaptation from both parties, and that’s without the addition of a global pandemic. So how did our new talent feel about joining our vynning team all in the midst of the coronavirus restrictions?

We asked our pandemic onboarders to discuss their experience with us and are grateful for their contributions:

Hedvig   BK
Hedvig, Customer Success Consultant   BK, Regional Success Director, Asia
Issac   Melisa
Isaac, Data Scientist   Melissa, Client Success Europe


How did you feel about joining a new company during the pandemic?

Both Hedvig and Melissa have worked with the company previously either as an employee or as a client and thus did not have the nervousness usually expected.

Hedvig explained:

“I was really “rejoining” and it felt like going back to normal, in many ways – since Vyn has essentially been a remote-first company since I first joined 4 years ago … so it was refreshing coming back into a company where ‘remote’ work doesn’t feel remote”.

On the other hand, BK and Isaac both joined Vyntelligence from different countries with no previous affiliation. BK mentioned that he had to prepare himself for a completely remote induction process from employment acceptance to the onboarding process.

How was onboarding for you in remote working conditions?

We know that remote working has become the new work lifestyle with more time spent on video calls than doing work. But this was very helpful for a new employee trying to get familiar with both this virtual environment and a global team.

Isaac mentioned that:

“it has been pretty easy. My line manager and the HR have made everything to be quite easy. Zoom and Slack have been very useful for them to give me more knowledge about the product and the company organisation than what I even got in my previous jobs.”

Hedvig had a different perspective but depicts the benefits of the ease with which we can host video calls:

“Because of the limitations of video calls, I had to set up individual calls with a lot more people, some of whom I might otherwise just have “bumped into” in the office. I think this created more opportunities for genuine one-on-one time which is so important.”


How did the team facilitate a smooth onboarding for you during lockdown?

At the end of the day, it is the team you’re working with that have the biggest impact on your experience when onboarding. While other factors play a part, if the team you’re joining welcomes you, you feel more comfortable and develop a quick sense of belonging.

We’re very happy that each of our employees found their onboarding to be supported and felt very welcome.

Hedvig ~

“Everyone was helpful and welcoming, and it helped that they keep their calendars up-to-date, too”

Isaac ~

“The team set up meetings to explain different aspects. I was given documentation to read and Slack has been a blessing.”

Melissa ~

“The team has been incredibly supportive, open and inclusive.”

BK ~

“I was able to participate in customer calls and arrange special 1:1 working virtual sessions to understand the customer success works and sales pitches.”

Home Office

How did you feel about having your first day at home instead of the office?

Going into the office on your first day is exactly like going to school on your first day: all eyes on you, various introductions with people whose name you will forget and trying to understand everything so you don’t embarrass yourself. While daunting, it is important as it allows you to to learn about the company quickly.

BK expressed:

“my first day of WFH… I started to learn about the company’s culture by attending potential customer sales pitches through Vyn’s presentation materials & interactive conversions when interfaced with customers.”

Isaac positively agreed:

“To be honest, it has been pretty good, I had a lot of meetings with different people and I got a better idea about the product, where we stand and things I can do to improve it.”

Are you looking forward to going to the office or do you prefer WFM?

While the office environment is full of buzz and community, the home environment is comfortable and can increase productivity. There are pros and cons for both, suggesting that perhaps a hybrid way of working might be the best for the future.

Hedvig expressed:

“It will be great to see my colleagues in person, but I think commuting to an office every day is a big waste of time and resources. I’m glad we have the opportunity to be even more productive remotely, and as long as we remember to find time for some collective fun, exercise and meditation too, remote work really is the better option.”

Melissa explained:

“I like working from home, it is agile and we can connect with clients & solve their issues at a moments notice. I also look forward to the opportunity of meeting some of the new people in the team face to face as well as the ones who already know me.”

Having joined Vyntelligence as an intern myself, I concur that joining a new company and working remotely is difficult, but it is helped by the company and the members of your team facilitating a smooth transition and a supported onboarding process. Technology has catapulted our connectivity allowing WFH which has its benefits and I feel that I can get a lot of work done without wasting time on travel. However, I do long to see my colleagues sometime soon as we all come out from this global pandemic having adapted to and learnt a new way of collaboratively working, despite restrictions.

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Shray Khanna, Digital Marketing Executive

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