Digitalising for efficiency & speed of smart meter installs

The Vyntelligence SmartVideNotes technology digitised asset & digital site surveys, enabling seamless collaboration & contract mobilisation for a leading electricity & gas distribution company in Asia.

Electrical wires

The Challenge

Our client needed to simplify their site surveys & improve accuracy of bill-of-materials quote estimates. Due to inconsistent information capture, disjointed workflows and limited situational awareness, their customer quote estimates for smart meter installations were not timely or accurate.

The Solution

Vyn simplified & digitised the Electricity, Water and multimeter survey by re-imagining our client’s data capture process & flow to deliver faster actions, richer intelligence on-site & improved situational awareness. A smart digital platform to gain a better understanding of the on-site installation requirements was deployed in just 4 weeks.

How did we do this? Read the full case study to find out.


​​The Outcome

Data-driven intelligence & faster, high quality searchable site and asset database for meter installs was delivered for the client.

“Vyn provides better quality & accuracy of contextual multimedia information captured. We readily share Vyns with contractors and have increased field coverage doing site access & surveys. It helps save about 11.5 man days for a typical 400 meters/pre-sales site survey” ~ Sales Support Manager, Digital Technology

Through our richer, multimodal field data-capture & smart AI-powered analytics, our client could access a faster, high-quality asset database and benefited from job-specific insights to increase accuracy and timeliness of the bill-of-material process. Guided multimedia data with automated data flow also improved situational awareness and reduced pre-sales activities time cycle by 20%.

Read the complete case study to learn more about the outcomes and find out how our client material business outcomes.

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