Delivering on the Vision for Change

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This month, we share a few top tips from our clients and advisors on success in innovation projects. Read on, and watch to find out more!

Scaling up innovation projects

building blocks

What do painting a picture and storytelling skills have to do with delivering successful innovation projects? In this insightful conversation with Jennifer Cheetham-Shaw, Technology & Innovation Lead at Centrica, we learnt how the head and heart matter in creating a Vision for Change.

Is your business ready for Digital Transformation?

Tony Saldanha, Global IT & Shared Services Consultant and Author, and vyn Advisor.

Watch Tony’s insights on how Digital Transformation is not just about innovation or technology, or even a few successful projects, but about being rigorous in re-imagining and executing your Vision for Change.

Encouraging innovation in work spaces

Automata - a robot flute player from the eighteenth century.

Automata, an early kind of robot, an automated flute player designed by French inventor Jacques de Vaucanson. Source:

In this TED talk on the Playful Wonderland behind Great Innovations, Steven Johnson shares the connection between wooly mammoths and music, robot musicians in the 1700s, and finding the future when you are having fun. Enjoy!

Breaking news!

Kapil, co-founder & CEO is speaking on “Winning trust with Customers through Simplicity: New ways of working by augmenting human interactions and insight with AI” at the Future of Utilities Summit in London on March 26th. If you are there, we’d love to see you!

Just announced: Perspectives, an evening by invitation-only event, in an exclusive central London venue, on April 25th. Watch this space!

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