Covid-19: Avoiding unnecessary site visits & keeping your people safe

Ashish Silodia, Vyn COO

First, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the ‘Frontline Staff’ who are working tirelessly to keep us safe and feel protected with our dear ones at home.

A crisis is an opportunity for leaders to make a positive difference to people’s lives

As you focus on your priorities of preparing for the short-term, avoid business disruption and potential revenue loss, there is a need to forge new levels of trust with your workforce and your customers by:

  • Keeping your people Safe and avoiding Unnecessary visits
  • Serving your customers’ critical needs
  • Ensuring business continuity and keeping your staff motivated

Together, we help you keep the LIGHTS ON!


We are fully committed to enabling your front line staff in these critical times.

Our global teams are at work to avoid any disruptions to your service from the COVID-19 virus while at the same time acting responsibly to prevent further spread.

We are a nimble and flexible company promoting remote working and supporting field services professionals so that they spend less time on admin since 2013. We are well equipped to deal with social distancing measures to ensure there is no disruption to your services.

Together, we can make a Bigger Difference!

We appreciate Spatial/ Social distancing poses a major problem for your field engineers wanting site access to fix problems: on the one hand your customers don’t want unnecessary field visits into their premises and on the other, you may be facing a shortage of field engineers to fulfil those visits.

In order to maintain superior customer experience, you need a solution fast that will ease the flow of calls to your contact centres (with limited staff) and prioritise field engineer visits for critical / emergency jobs only.

Get started with Vyn, now,  to make your field workforce win better, safer and faster!

Imagine a new normal with ‘no more forms’, but just Vyns – short guided videos that are secure, searchable, and can predict next actions! Here are 4 options for you:

  1. Vyn 60-second Self Check: Customers don’t have to wait on contact centre queues but create a short guided video to report the problem. Videos are instantly viewed by your planning team to make informed decisions, send the right person and tools for critical jobs only thereby avoiding unnecessary visits.
  2. Vyn for your Field Workforce: Field teams don’t have to spend time filling lengthy forms for complex jobs but simply “Point & Shoot” short guided videos, saving expensive admin time.  AI-powered rich data from these videos is immediately shared with the right internal stakeholders enabling faster problem resolution.Dashboardhighres
  3. Vyn Self Audit Video Checks: Your suppliers don’t have to wait for auditors to visit installation sites but record a smart guided video of work completed, so site acceptance is done faster. Enables timely program delivery and effective use of your audit teams who are working remotely from home in these stringent times.
  4. Vyn from your Experts: Your experts working from home build a powerful library of expert advice, tips & insights. This searchable library of videos engages & motivates your workforce.

Please feel free to reach out to your customer success manager for any further information or contact us for a virtual coffee session at [email protected]


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