How to ride the wave of the 4th industrial revolution

Times are a-changin'… better start swimmin'!

At our previous business innovation event in September last year, we encouraged guest speakers to “rethink the box”: making a play on the expression “thinking outside the box”. In one of the talks, David Issott – Director at HG Capital – shared Marc Andreessen's statement that “software is eating the world”. It's true; Morgan Stanley predicts the digitalised US economy will expand from 27% to 43% in the next 5-10 years.

No system for sales people

As a young advertising account manager I distinctly remember my excitement when I first encountered databases, hey I’ve been around a while! Suddenly I could answer the question of what was working and what wasn’t. I could track and record things, I could segment and target, I was in marketing heaven.

These were followed by the heady days of Rogers & Pepper’s 1-2-1 marketing and suddenly all we were talking about was Customer Relationship Marketing and CRM systems. We now had increasingly powerful tools at our disposal to help us market, all before many of us had been troubled by this internet thing.

Some human learning on becoming and staying a digital leader