Camera shy? Here’s why

Speaking in front of a camera can feel a lot like public speaking, or, to some, even more nerve-racking. All attention is on you, and you’re feeling the pressure of making every word you say come out eloquent, informative, entertaining, or all of the above.

In this quick vyn (a structured video note), I explore why we feel so vulnerable on camera, and explain that there’s much more to gain than lose from using video as a business communication tool.

How do you deal with feeling camera shy? Would love to see your top tips in the comments.


The corporate video’s rebellious cousin: vyn

Because of vyn’s spontaneous nature, it’s not about looking polished. Our mascot vynnie cares much more about generating high quality data - professionally guided through the app's storyboards, and captured fresh from that brilliant mind of yours - than about making every video note look spotless and “um”-less. We’re all human. So are vyns.

Sources (referred to in the video):

- I highly recommend this excellent TED talk for the long version of why we're afraid of the camera.

- This West Unified Communications survey (March 2016) gives an overview of what people see as the top video conferencing pros and cons.