We realized that business is increasingly mobile, while business tools are not. Global and local businesses are seeking to improve productivity from their mobile teams, but they lack the appropriate tools to make both users’ and managers’ lives easier.

Human intelligence requires a visual exchange to function effectively. Yet increasingly our communications systems are text-based and time intensive with minimum face-to-face time. Therefore we lose time and engagement, and process is often mistaken for participation. The consequence of this is that the vital, qualitative ‘why’ is seldom captured into any system.

Video is the most effective, personal and authentic way of communicating for the user. For a manager, it is a richer way to create qualitative data – enhanced by the rapid advances in artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis. Don’t take our word for it, though – here’s what others are saying:

”Whether we like it or not, we are moving ever closer to a video-first world. By 2019, 80% of internet traffic is going to be video. Are you ready for it?”
James Whatley, Planning Partner, Innovation, Ogilvy & Mather 2017

“The future of mobile is video, and the future of video is mobile,”
Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO after the Time/Warner purchase, October 2016.

Video is 5x more impactful on the human brain than any other communication medium*
*Royal Neuroscience Society 2012

Speaking is 7.5x faster than typing on a mobile.

vyn – The eyes of the enterprise

Mobile video captures the emotion and nuances critical to effective work communication. Vyn is the future of video for enterprise, as well as customer and consumer intelligence.

Capture a complete story:

  • Your team can receive and send more powerful feedback from the field. The teams’ insights will not get buried in spreadsheets.
  • vyn enables people on-the-move to tell the story as if they were there in person. By sharing what they’ve seen, what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling, everyone will get the full power of their viewpoint and build on it themselves.
  • Insight : Mobile devices accounted for less than 10% of data captured on a CRM. (Source: Deloitte Research on CRM compliance)

Create face time, anytime:

  • You can connect your team without having to be in the same place at the same time.
  • Humans learn best when we learn from each other. That’s why vyn enables your team to experience what colleagues have to say, rather than read it. Which means they can see more of each other, wherever they are.
  • Insight: 1 day of team meeting time, face-to-face, could cost up to £1,500 per person, which rapidly becomes a significant cost per year.

Accelerate transformation:

  • You can ensure your team is on-message and get instant feedback from the field
  • Get your entire team behind a new product, process or system, with memorable videos delivered straight to their phone. Capture team and customer voices: real-time analysis tells you what requires attention and what does not.
  • Insight: A fortune 50 firm doubled their recommendations and got access to feedback 3 times faster for its new product launch, with vynsight as the chosen platform across 39 countries.

Improve productivity:

  • Free up your sales or service teams to spend more time with customers.
  • vyn is proven to deliver productivity gains by cutting administration through integration with your systems, eliminating time spent on call updates and speeding up the spread of focused data at the right time.
  • Insight : Up to 35% of updating time can be saved by getting updates, asynchronously, prior to a call. This has resulted in more actionable calls where synchronous time can be optimised for advancing opportunities. Assumption : a 10 member team, 4 conference calls per month for 60 minutes.