Comptel adopts pioneering AI platform (‘vyn’) to accelerate sales productivity

London – 28 June 2017

Comptel, the international telecoms software co., recently acquired by Nokia, is committed to transform itself digitally. It is looking to radically improve the way it sells to C-Suite customers by increasing internal connectivity, shortening feedback loops and improving Salesforce compliance.

vyn (video your notes) is an event-driven intelligence platform for simplifying and accelerating high value data capture into enterprise workflows. 

vyn improves sales intelligence capture, increases win rates and ensures better pipeline health. All drive quicker, more agile decision-making. 

vyn prompts mobile intelligent data capture by asking the right person, the right question at the right time. 

It facilitates simple, on-the-go, video updates. In less than 60 seconds a structured vyn brings the human ‘why’ straight to CRM. 

Mika Korpinen, VP EMEA Sales at Comptel, said, “vyn is very user-friendly, easy to use and links to Salesforce”. 

Kapil Singhal, Co-founder | vyn, said “vyn has the power to become the eyes of the enterprise in the field.”

Comptel is the latest global client in vyn’s portfolio, joining P&G, Cognizant, Bluewolf (IBM), Danone Nutricia, Vodafone, GE Healthcare, DVB Bank, Quintiles/IMS Healthcare.