How we solved the biggest problem in sales

My first year working in sales, I was a young engineer feeling the pressure of my first sales target. Feeling optimistic, I naïvely forecasted a final deal of the year to close on the 31st December. But this being the UK, come 20th December, everyone went on holiday – including my sponsor, who had yet to sign it off.

I can’t tell you how much grief I got from the Finance department because there was absolutely no chance the deal was going to close on time. After a lot of stress chasing the sponsor to sign the deal while he was on holiday, we did get the deal – on the 4th January.

All that hassle could very easily have been avoided by taking a moment to ask a few honest questions at the critical time. A great sales process will do this, so that you can qualify better, and forecast better.

The biggest problem in sales is that most of the time, this doesn’t happen – workflows lack the right questions asked at the right time resulting in loss of ‘thoughtful’ data.

And from the start of my sales career through to becoming a global sales leader, no one seemed to be able to solve this problem. So I, along with our international team, made it my mission to find a solution.

Win with vyn

vyn is our event-driven intelligence platform for simplifying and accelerating high value data capture into enterprise workflows.

In several client applications vyn is being used to solve that timeless sales problem (in fact, one customer has seen 50% improvement in forecast accuracy!). We help improve sales intelligence capture, increase win rates, ensure pipeline health and aid more agile decision-making.

It works by prompting mobile data capture, facilitating on-the-go updates fed directly into workflows. We combined human interaction and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a compelling experience.

In less than 60 seconds, our structured video brings the human ‘why’ straight to CRM from a mobile device. We have clients in over 39 countries and nine languages, including, P&G, Cognizant, Bluewolf (IBM), Danone Nutricia, Vodafone, GE Healthcare, DVB Bank, Comptel, Quintiles-IMS Healthcare.

The critical ‘why’s

pexels photo 92028 questions

By asking the right questions at the right time, vyn gets the answers to the big and small ‘why’s, ‘what’s and ‘how’s on every manager’s mind:

–      Why hasn’t this deal closed yet?

–      Why has opportunity X progressed so well, while opportunity Y is lagging?

–      What is the secret sauce behind a win?

–      How can I make my reps happier, more engaged and more productive?

–      What sales methodologies, sales enablement or other solutions should my company invest in?


Reinforcing your sales methodology by getting timely answers to critical questions, vyn gives you up-to-date, accurate insights so you can confidently evaluate the health of your pipeline.

How we ask the right questions at the right time

We created a super simple and fun mobile interface, where users can capture video insights and updates on-the-go. The vyn platform, uses AI to deliver prompts at critical times, so that a sales rep’s invaluable knowledge is captured into their workflow while it’s still fresh in their mind.

I have absolutely loved every bit of creation, inspiration and innovation on this journey. If you’d like to know more, comment below, email me or get a case study from a global telco customer.