The Future of Water Efficiency: How Video Reporting Solutions Can Alleviate the UK’s Water Crisis

Water scarcity is rapidly becoming a pressing concern, even in traditionally wet regions like the UK. With the country’s daily water consumption ranking among Europe’s highest, the need to plug the gap with innovative solutions is growing.
The Backdrop: UK’s Looming Water Challenge

For those in the water industry over the past decade, the signs have been evident. Regions like the South-East and East of England face acute vulnerability due to dwindling supplies, despite efforts to improve water efficiency.

Meeting the demands of a growing population and achieving the government’s ambitious target of reducing per capita water usage to 110 litres a day by 2050 seems a long way off when even 140 litres a day is a stretch.

water efficiency with Vyntelligence SmartVideoNotes®
South-East and East of England face acute vulnerability due to dwindling supplies
The Game-Changer: AI-Powered Video Reporting

A large part of the challenge comes from leaks in the system, or even leaks from the cistern – a leaky loo can potentially waste up to 400 litres per day.

But how would you detect and address these leaks? Even if you found the financial resources to fund a door to door knocking campaign, its doubtful many customers would allow you in to inspect their WC.

Not to mention that in most cases, there will be no fault present and the cost of the visit and customer disruption would be for nought.

An technology solution for mass engagement campaigns

Vyntelligence provides a unique solution using short guided SmartVideoNotes® to enable customers to report their leaks

To date, this novel approach has saved over 7 million litres of water in the UK alone. But how does this tool reshape the landscape of water efficiency?

Immediate Reporting of Issues

By enabling customers to self capture issues, Vyntelligence avoids the need for costly site visits. The SmartVideoNote® helps agents remotely review the captured video to determine if a leak is present.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Vyn’s intuitive platform creates a positive feedback loop for customers. The speed of issue reporting, accuracy triage thanks to video and AI analysis means utilities using Vyn see increased NPS scores. 

When customers witness their reports translating into tangible actions, it helps cultivate a water-conscious community, instrumental in reducing daily water consumption.

Remote Triage and Resource Allocation

Utility professionals, with AI insights on the video and speech can remotely validate the need for a leak and share the SmartVideoNote® with a plumber so the technician knows the exact leak and location they’re fixing before attending.

Harnessing Data-Driven Insights

With complete auditable data capture, Vyntelligence offers invaluable insights, from understanding recurring issues to identifying geographical concern areas, guiding strategic planning and public education campaigns.

Leaky Loos - Fix them quickly and easily with digital self reporting for customers. Improving water efficiency by Vyntelligence
Video reporting tools have helped save over 7 million litres of water in the UK alone
Complementing Broader Initiatives

While government-led initiatives lay the groundwork, solutions like Vyntelligence drive action. By enabling utilities to reach customers on a scale not possible through to door to door activity, an engagement levels far beyond mail shots, Vyntelligence opens the door to saving more.

The Road Ahead: Embracing Innovation

As the water industry confronts increasing demand and shrinking supplies, tools like Vyntelligence will become indispensable.

Chris Murray, the chair of Water Resources South East, emphasised the need for diverse interventions and policies that prioritise water efficiency.

For industry professionals, the mandate is clear: harness innovation, tap into technology, and collaborate for a sustainable water future. With the right tools and strategies, the UK can fortify its resilience against water scarcity challenges.