How Smart Video Improves Site Acceptance in 5G Network Rollout

5G network

5G network

With the global 5G technology market anticipated to reach $667.90 billion by 2026, telecom operators are in a race to roll out 5G networks by 2022.

Superfast fifth generation (5G) mobile technology is expected to drive new revenue streams for mobile operators while increasing economic productivity in multiple ways. But new networks rollout and maintenance of old 4G and 5G networks can be capital as well as labour intensive, thereby creating new challenges for the telecommunications industry.

Even as 5G networks are rolled out, we can still expect to see multiple generations of networks – 3G, 4G and 5G – co-exist for years to come. Providers now face the challenge of maintaining existing 3G and 4G services while cost effectively managing 5G network rollout. Moreover, spectrum costs, shrinking ARPU and intense competition from digital service providers mean that operations must be as efficient and economical as possible with a focus on ‘right first time’: especially field services.

Emerging technologies like SmartVideoNotes are leading the way in digitally transforming network infrastructure processes including site handovers, site acceptance and pre-install surveys to not only reduce overheads but to ensure high quality installations, especially in dense urban areas.

By embracing emerging technologies like SmartVideoNotes in field services, mobile operators can streamline and improve the outcomes of these field service processes. Taking advantage of increased smartphone penetration, video technology can free engineers and other field professionals from tedious and repetitive work, digitising and re-imagining paper-based processes, all whilst ensuring organisational compliance. Vyn can capture updates from field engineers in simple, 30-60-second ‘vyns’ that can be used for approvals, inspections and audits. It can also augment workflows with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to support intelligent automation, smart recommendations and real-time analytics to support network rollouts.

Here are some key benefits that a smart video platform delivers to an organization rolling out 5G networks:

  • Enabling remote audits for faster site acceptance
    Network rollout entails a large number of site audits, for use as potential base stations for example, often require multiple visits by field engineers. These lead to increased spend in terms of time and company overheads. Scheduling multiple visits also leads to delays and customer frustration, sometimes even attracting regulatory criticism. Through smart video technology, telecom operators can enable self-audits by contractors and engineers, leading to faster site acceptance.

With Vyn SmartVideoNotes, a field worker only needs to visit a site once for a preliminary audit. Once at the site, they can open the Vyn for Service app on their phone and film short 30-second videos that capture all the essential information about the site. Built for a layperson to use, the app has a unique storyboards feature which ensures all the relevant information is captured in an easy to understand way. For example, for a 5G rollout a storyboard could be created with prompts like “Potential hazards”, “Obstructions to line of sight”, and so on. Once the recording is completed, the worker simply uploads the video to the Vyn platform for review and remote approval.

  • Improving visibility and transparency of maintenance activities
    A recent government announcement has created a need for replacing equipment from the country’s 5G networks by the end of 2027. Swapping out existing equipment is a large-scale installation exercise, another area where Vyn’s video intelligence platform can play a significant role. Reports filed by engineers from the site allow team managers better visibility into productivity, performance, outcomes and site condition. This type of granular intelligence into engineer visits enables smart decision making, allowing better workflow automation and streamlining.
  • Cutting opex through a ‘right first time’ culture
    Network rollout can involve multiple site visits by contractors, auditors, site acceptance workers and different team handovers. Vyn can help site engineers and supervisors reduce site visits by enabling them to take the right decision in the first go. By eliminating errors and duplication of efforts through rich information, Vyn can instil a ‘right first time’ culture in a telecoms company. Its video technology can further remove the need for paper-based processes with AI-powered smart videos, thereby increasing productivity and reducing overheads associated with network rollouts.

Balancing cost efficiencies of network rollout with network quality

Telecom providers in the UK need to adhere to strict site regulations for network infrastructure such as equipment safety testing and interconnection obligations. One such telecoms network infrastructure provider, Openreach, wanted to enable technicians and contractors to have a 360-degree view of its site and completed task. By adopting Vyn SmartVideoNotes, Openreach was able to streamline its remote audit process and increase cost efficiencies. SmartVideoNotes also removed the need for follow ups on errors at the installation stage, allowing the provider to focus on network quality. The teams are now entirely remote and can share information with third-party suppliers.

This is not all. Vyn’s customers have seen a 71 percent improvement in site acceptance time and up to £4 million per annum in saved travel costs (@£100 per visit x2 visits per day). Vyn also anticipates at least £5m in savings per annum for a 1000 user team, with 10 percent reduction in failed or repeat site visits.

Future ready with smart video technology

Vyn SmartVideoNotes delivers remote field audits, productivity in handovers, site acceptance and pre-install surveys. The smart video technology enables telecom companies with access to intelligent automation, smart recommendations and real-time analytics. As a result, operators can increase productivity and reduce overhead during high-risk, high expenditure 5G network rollouts and help ensure network quality for today’s consumers. Over time, continued insight from the technology can improve organisational productivity and cost efficiencies.

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