Harnessing the Power of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence at the – EngieInnovationFestival

There is a growing symbiotic relationship between human and artificial intelligence that is beneficial to all involved. Like all fuels for the future, the big question arises: is it sustainable? Sustainable innovation is closer than we might think. For us at Vyntelligence, it is part of our daily working with our clients globally.

You can watch our CEO and Co-Founder, Kapil Singhal’s talk at the Engie Innovation Festival, below.

Here is a quick summary on how Vyntelligence is able to deliver the benefits of this growing symbiotic relationship.

What enables true innovation?

  1. Leadership
    Committed to achieving bolder outcomes. They will be the ones to kickstart the culture.
  2. A Focus on Clear Outcomes
    Improved responses, first time right culture and new avenue models
  3. People and Data
    Without these, it is very hard to visualise what sustainable innovation would look like.

It’s quite simple: If you don’t disrupt, you get disrupted.

We must also think of data. Thinking of data as an enabler, not as kept filed in a folder, but as the force with which we move fast and build the next generation of work environment.

So why Vyn?

It started 7 years ago, with the single purpose of simplifying work-life for busy professionals out there in the field, all the while moving away from the checklist economy. Moving instead, towards a culture of show and tell, simply using a smartphone to capture video from a situation, and thus collecting data.

But how do you interrogate videos? How do you drive the intelligence from the videos to make the data actionable? If you’re not making that data actionable, it’s no different from filling in a paper form with no actionability.

With Patents granted in the U.S., we have built the technology on a secure platform to drive smarter decisions from short videos, whether it’s repair or whether it’s risk assessments that anybody and everybody in the field can take and will be utilized by the organization to create a sustainable foundation for what we call intelligent operations where you combine human intelligence and AI.

A Vyntelligent AI

As people start to show and tell, we get more videos, more data, that we can use to automatically triage the problems in various categories such as: priority attention, immediate action, pending action etc. From here, you can start to get to the root cause of the analysis.

We are able to make a difference on various levels of the value chain- from the customers to the technicians to the supervisors to the auditors to all show quality assurance. The results are clear: they’re saving 32% repeat visits, 71% improvement in instalment commission time and 85% improvement in customer satisfaction. This is what disruption looks like.

If you take a hundred thousand field engineers and you save them one visit to keep them safe and improve efficiency, we’re looking at a 60 to 100 million euro per annual savings.

Questions from the session

Does Vyn develop tailor-made questions or do we develop a more standard methodology? Matthieu Besson, Project Manager – Strategic Innovation & Disruption Dept

We use a standardised method, storyboarding, to create personal, tailored short prompted video templates in a matter of weeks. We can quickly configure our storyboards to a particular operational workflow in an organization. Our AI platform is constantly maturing and we already have tens of thousands of classifiers to look at a variety of risks,  objects and problems. We do the building, you do the buying. What would typically take you two to three years, we will achieve that in less than two weeks.

How do we see Vyn interacting with platforms like Salesforce? Ambrose McGinn, CEO at Westbrook International Ltd. 

Platforms like Salesforce and SFB and Microsoft are amazing solutions for systems of record. We are bringing a complementary solution: the ability to capture smarter video and audio visual data. So we make the platform richer because if you have better data, you can drive better outcomes. We are already a certified partner with Salesforce and we were rated as one of the top 10 innovations by them a few years back. We have a very strong community and we’re already working with clients globally where we are bringing the power of visual data capture and to go back into existing platforms like Salesforce so you don’t lose the investment that you have. Instead, you can maximize and enhance the investment in existing platforms.

How will our vision benefit Engie? Carl Haigney, Global VP at Capgemini 

We’re looking at creating a solid foundation of knowledge base that each of us carry in our heads by converting checklists, paper forms or digital e-forms into short videos. This knowledge base is then used to augment both the future and current workforce and drive immediate efficiencies. Most importantly, the richer the data the better the outcomes of what can be delivered as jointly by Engie and Vyn.

In terms of technology development, our next step is to enhance the capabilities and add many more classifiers on the AI front, both from an image detection perspective as well as from the voice detection. We are also building multi-modal AI models where we start to build smarter correlations so that you’re looking at geolocation data, contextual data, all of the human and the IOT sensor data and learn how to extract more meaning from them.

A big thank you to Engie, everyone who watched the talk and asked questions.

To watch Kapil’s talk in full, you can either watch the Youtube video or visit the Engie 50 Innovation Festival platform where you can still view all the talks from the event.

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