Vyn with AWS

We simplify workflows, in areas such as sub-contractor work assurance, safety & asset assessments and handovers, by gathering visual evidence and insights from the field to facilitate smooth momentum and enable timely, informed decisions from a remote control centre with our insights dashboards. By enabling remote inspections, supervision and audit of distributed generation assets across far-flung locations, the challenge of managing limited expert resources becomes easier.

Vyntelligence is a certified AWS Energy Competency partner and is also listed on the AWS marketplace.

We enable remote inspections, supervision and audit of distributed generation assets across far-flung locations,

Our specialisations

Vyn in Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Dramatically reduce your admin by getting rid of paper checklists so your audits take less time.

Vyn in Customer Self

Show and tell safety hazards at any time to promote a safer work environment for your whole team.

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Gain a better visual understanding of the customer’s issues and better prioritise the problems that matter most.

Testimonials & Case Studies

“Vyntelligence has delivered 5x ROI and NPS is up 20% in the first 8 months. By continuing to harness the power of digital video evidence and Vyn’s AI-enabled prioritisation for our operational teams, we expect to double that ROI in year 2.”

Pedro Ribeiro

Director, EDP Comercial

“Vyn has helped us create a proactive safety culture and we continue to work to reduce the risk of accidents, because it is imperative to act collectively and individually.”

Pascal Renaud

COO Water & Power Production MESCATA region, ENGIE

Leading Power & Distribution Business in Asia Pacific

“Vyn has been able to transform our processes from manual to digital… It took us just 4 weeks to deploy the technology”

Director, New Business Development

Leading electricity and gas distribution company in Asia

“Vyn provides better quality & accuracy of contextual multimedia information captured. We readily share Vyns with contractors and have increased field coverage doing site access & surveys. It helps save about 11.5 man days for a typical 400 meters/pre-sales site survey.”

Sales Support Manager

Digital Technology

How we use AWS

Developed and hosted on AWS

We don’t just Simplify work. We reimagine your current process. We hide the complexity and make it simpler for everyone. Simple to use. Simple to deploy and scale. Simple to realise 10x ROI with Vyn.

Utilises the full range of capabilities

We realise that life is fast. But, we don’t prioritise speed for quality. We get you started with ease and help you win faster, in the right direction. Faster outcomes with every Vyn. Everyday.

Integrations with existing enterprise systems

Using API gateway, AWS Lambda and other serverless technologies to provide cost effective yet highly scalable solutions for integrating its Open APIs into a wide range of commercial or proprietary enterprise systems.

High operational and data security compliance

Vyntelligence meets the high operational and data security compliance requirements of even the most demanding large enterprise applications thanks to AWS’ leading support for DevOps, software deployment, infrastructure as code, role and policy based least privilege access control.

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears