Vyn Powered by AWS Chime

A Seamless Video Experience for Your Customers

Vyntelligence is teaming up with Amazon Chime SDK to change the way customers report issues, giving them simpler ways of reporting via video, saving them time and reducing the need for unnecessary field visits. 

By utilising Vyntelligence’s wide range of video capabilities powered by Amazon Chime SDK, leading energy and utility companies have launched an interactive platform where customers can report and solve issues in their homes via a video call. 

Customers benefit from a faster and more efficient issue resolution without having to wait for engineering crews. They can do so by clicking on a link sent to their phones.

By sharing pictures and videos of the equipment involved, customers can safely receive the necessary guidance to get their essential electricity and utilities services up and running. 

The video is then added to the job notes for engineers to see remotely, preventing the customer from having to repeat the issue multiple times.