Richer data & SmartVideoNotes
surveys drive cost efficiencies

Digital transformation delivers 4x ROI for multinational medium-sized manufacturer by enhancing & streamlining data collection for installations

The Challenge

Rich and complete information
needed before complex installations. Zünd, an independent, family-owned manufacturer of state-of-the-art modular precision cutting systems needed to digitalise their workflow and reduce order to install time. Pre-installation site surveys required at least half a day of skilled engineer time per customer site. The objectives were to digitally gather higher quality site data, improve the success rate of first visits, and integrate all the information in Salesforce to enable end-to-end workflows and support future visits.

The Solution

Efficient, high-quality data gathering optimised for faster installations and improved customer experience. Vyntelligence simplified & digitised the Electricity, Water and multimeter survey by re-imagining data capture &flow for faster actions.

Customer-recorded Vyns

Zünd customers are auto-guided to create short video notes (Vyns) to aid installation, saving an engineer’s visit. Once uploaded, Vyns are automatically tagged, categorised and available on-demand for review.

Rich visual database

A searchable asset & site database, real-time dashboards and two-way collaboration with image annotations enable troubleshooting and timely remote inspections.

Integrated with Salesforce

Data gathered throughout installation process is linked to customer records – useful for future site visits. Also supports training and upskilling for less-experienced engineers.

The Outcome

Faster installations, fewer visits and excellent customer experience.

“We can now save an engineer’s site survey & pre-installation visit, improve our customer experience and gather richer visual data. We are also able to
re-deploy the engineers’ time on other more value-added activities.”
– Nicki Kay, CEO, Zünd UK

100% digital survey process

Zünd customers capture site survey and pre-installation Vyns that are remotely analysed, reducing the need for on-site visits, saving £1000s a year.

Higher customer satisfaction

Streamlined workflows for installations and issue resolution have reduced operational downtime and order-to-install timeframes, exceeding customer expectations.

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