vyn SmartVideoNotes capture live insights from your field teams, wherever they are, by asking the right people the right questions at the right time in a minute or less. vyn makes it ridiculously easy to capture updates from any client or customer interaction directly into your CRM or share with a wider team. Quickly build velocity in understanding market challenges and opportunities.

Improve competitive insights flow

Bring the outside in:
Leverage your field teams to video-capture competitor activity as it happens. Save time and costs.

Increase agility:
Real time video feedback from your field teams keeps track of competitive activity within the markets.
Improve responsiveness:
Automated prompts to market, strategy and planning teams on top trending themes to capture their response and close the loop.

vyn- Improve competitive insights flow

Accelerate consumer insights capture

Drive productivity:
Enable team members to see what your researcher sees in near real time with richer data capture from the field - replace text and images with video.

Improve ROI of your existing platforms:
Enrich content in your social collaboration platforms and groups. Automated speech to text, tags and categorisation provides a rich source of metadata to drive action.

Simplify existing processes:
Improve the quality of your brand, category reviews and planning sessions with a quality data stream - make every consumer contact count.

vyn-Accelerate consumer insights capture

Accelerate trade insights for better execution

Improved communication:
Richer data capture from the field to make every merchandising field visit count. Add the ‘why’ with a vyn.

Faster response:
Merchandising moments of truth - Interesting and useful inputs from the trade can now be easily shared with distributed teams.

Improved collaboration:
Easy one-tap sharing builds an active repository. Rich metadata and tags make it easy to re-apply in new territories - accelerating the ROI of your trade investment.

vyn-Accelerate trade insights for better execution

Accelerate capability building

Raise the performance bar:
Enrich the team by digitally transforming how they share and re-apply practical selling tips from the field.
Embed sales methodology:
Enable first-line managers to video-share feedback on-the-go, straight after a call and aligned to your sales methodology.

Automated intelligence:
Make every customer a brand advocate. Prompted storyboards capture vital customer insights, building a long-term active repository.

vyn-Accelerate capability building