Digitising for efficiency &
speed of smart meter installs

Asset & digital site surveys captured using SmartVideo enabling seamless collaboration & accurate contract mobilisation for a leading electricity and gas distribution company in Asia

The Challenge

Simplify site surveys & improve accuracy of bill-of-materials quote. Complicated disjointed workflows and limited situational awareness in the pre-sales process led to inaccurate bill of material estimates. Inconsistent information capture across sites and meters delayed the customer price quote and meter installation at customer premise. The client’s aim was to build a digital, searchable asset database and improve accuracy of customer price quote and create a more efficient process.

The Solution

A smart digital platform for richer site intelligence & situational awareness. Vyntelligence simplified & digitised the Electricity, Water and multimeter survey by re-imagining data capture & flow for faster actions.

A rich multimodal guided mobile-first data capture with secure access & offline capability

Two-way collaboration with meter readings, geo-location pins and image annotations for clear contextual information

AI-enabled auto alerts and real-time dashboards to track and remotely assess complexity of meter installs

Downloadable surveyed meter list for seamless process integration with B-O-M creation

The Outcome

Data-driven intelligence & faster, high quality searchable site and asset database for meter installs

“Vyn provides better quality & accuracy of contextual multimedia information captured. We readily share Vyns with contractors and have increased field coverage doing site access & surveys. It helps save about 11.5 man days for a typical 400 meters/ pre-sales site survey”
– Sales Support Manager, Digital Technology

Faster bill-of-materials creation

Visual intelligence and a more seamless real-time flow of job-specific insights has reduced cycle time for BOM creation by 75%.

Optimised Meter replacement

With improved visibility on inventory of electric and water meter brands created the opportunity for a data-driven optimised meter replacement plan

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears