The Vyntelligence smart-video enabled auditable workflow delivered high quality remote Safety audit of subcontractor field activities for a leading power business with a diversified portfolio of retail & generation assets in Asia Pacific.

The Challenge

Our client had an urgent need to digitise and accelerate their safety reports. They sought to reduce the need for manual inputs and accompanying physical audits to save time while lowering the risk of human error.

Their aim was to enable a “right first time” culture of Safety, increase coverage & quality of safety audits by providing remote capability.

The Solution

Our smart, integrated digital Vyn platform simplified & digitised the Excavation Work Safety reports by providing better visibility and faster response. By re-imagining the data capture & the flow of information with smart dashboards, our client was able to take faster actions.

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The Outcome

Data-driven intelligence & faster, high quality remote Safety audit of subcontractor field activities.

“Vyn has been able to transform our processes from manual to digital… It took us just 4 weeks to deploy the technology”

– Executive Sponsor

Our client benefited from real time feedback & insights that improved response times and problem resolutions, and AI-powered alerts that helped improve overall safety culture within the organisation. The client is now also able to build a searchable knowledge base, due to our focus on being smart with data, without any further investment!

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