Digitalising at speed for quality and productivity in Energy Services

Vyntelligence smart-video enabled knowledge base accelerates digital upskilling, remote supervision and asset intelligence for a global energy services provider.

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The Challenge

Our client struggled with limited visibility on the work done by their 3rd party field contractors and lacked timely information on the root cause of job failures. This resulted in a higher spend on resolution creating an urgent need to reduce operational costs. They also wished to create capability for improved remote supervision across their teams.

The Solution

Within 3 weeks, the Vyntelligence team delivered a smart, digital data-driven platform tailored to the client’s needs. With a mobile-first SmartVideo data capture & near real-time AI-powered insights, our client had access to a faster, high-quality searchable knowledge base of field interventions that provided better insights on jobs, facilitated faster actions due to better visibility and workforce mobilisation.

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​​The Outcome

Data-driven intelligence, a more digital workflow & a faster, high-quality, searchable knowledge base of field interventions.

“Deployment of climate friendly technologies (such as solar and EV charging) require field service capacity to reach end users. Innovation tools like Vyntelligence help us extract this value"
Luis Manuel, Executive Board Member EDP Innovation

The client saw that 18% of jobs were of low complexity and could be self-served by customers, thus identifying immediate cost savings and a more digital process! Further, better visibility of the Diagnostic and Job Completion reports (pictured above) flow created simpler, faster actions towards customer issue resolution.

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