Skills shortage and technology innovation creates Self-Serve models

The global pandemic has continued to drive industrial innovation and a greater reliance on automation. Trends, such as safety and predictive maintenance, are still at the forefront, with core elements of industrial development featuring strongly, including additive manufacturing, data analytics and resource planning.

With a growing skills shortage, and the need for reliable, sustainable operations, manufacturers are turning to digital technology to support more remote methods of working, opening up new ways to deliver services and interact with customers.

With Vyntelligence’s SmartVideoNotes, new value can be created from all parts of the servicing process.

Whether it’s gathering customer site information for an installation, mitigating unplanned machine downtime, or being able to assess real-time data, the visibility that Vyn provides enhances operational efficiency and improves decision-making & safety awareness.”

The Vyn Advantage

for the technician and customer

Simple and quick to use

Improved productivity and safety

Smooth handover pack with auditable, visual information of works and assets installation / condition

Shared searchable knowledge base with easy access for all teams

Simple self-serve way to report any machine issues – reducing downtime

for the expert / supervisor

Full visibility of work progress

Smart mobilisation of workforce

Auditable, visual information of works and asset installation / condition, including any snags to be corrected

More effective use of remote experts, lower travel cost to advise & inspect

Historical data & asset information enables assignment of simple issues to junior staff, with reduced training and onboarding costs

for the management

Clarity on outcomes and targets

Reduced IT, digitization & maintenance costs

Identification and inspection of business critical requirements using AI-powered recommendations

Ability to negotiate contracts using visual evidence from self-serve reports

Single mobile and web application and common data platform for all parties

Use cases

Vyn in Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Vyn Efficient Site Surveys

Obtain all site data in just one visit, achieving Right First Time metrics, enabling smooth machine installations.

Vyn QA/QC Remote Supervision

Assurance of technicians’ work with self-serve reports for QA/QC by remote experts save unnecessary visits.

Vyn Faster Install to Commissioning

Automatic machine commissioning packs with auditable, visual, end-to-end works and assets installation/ condition data.

Vyn Proactive safety culture

Better situational awareness and process adherence across contractors/ subs with insightful leading indicators into management

Vyn in Safety & Asset Management

Vyn Inspections, Repair & O&M

Carry out planned & unplanned maintenance, repair and asset & safety inspections remotely – saving time, costs and carbon miles.

Vyn Proactive Safety Culture

Assure both Process & Occupational Safety with better situational awareness and AI-powered feedback & leading indicators

  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Last Minute Risk Assessment
  • Incident Reporting
  • Spot Checks
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Safety Visits

Vyn in Customer Self-Service

Vyn Smart Issue Reporting

Self-service reporting resulting in faster resolution.

The Business Impact

Digital pre-install surveys

Repeat visits saved

Shorter Order-to-Delivery time

££s saved in field visits

Users and clients love to Vyn sustainably…

Andy Waterworth

Regional Manager, Installations


“Vyn helped capture key information with a heightened sense of speed, reduced contact and sped up the process for customers … We think we should be saving potentially £130k-140k a year in saved visits by using Vyn.”

Nicki Kay


Zund UK

“We can now save an engineer’s site survey & pre-installation visit, improve our customer experience and gather richer visual data. We are also able to re-deploy the engineers’ time on other more value-added activities.”

Nick Robinson

National Compliance Manager


“Thanks to the entire Vyn team for being extremely proactive and efficient in turning things around. Vyn has helped JLA save a huge amount of time and unnecessary effort of manual collation of data for handovers. All the jobs for JLA Crystal Surface are now being done exclusively through the Vyn app. ”

Empower Your Workforce with Digital Eyes and Ears