More wins with vyn

vyn SmartVideoNotes instantly builds superior sales intelligence by prompting the most relevant questions – based on the opportunity’s progression in the sales cycle and its state of dormancy. See what’s happening and why, to make better, faster decisions and increase your teams’ win rate.

Sales intelligence, live from the front line.

vyn captures live insights from your reps, wherever they are, by asking the right people the right questions at the right time in a minute or less. vyn makes it ridiculously easy to capture high quality updates from meetings or any client interaction directly into your CRM or share them via Chatter with a wider team. Quickly build velocity in qualifying and advancing your opportunities:

  • No more poor pipeline visibility and inaccurate forecasts
  • No more dead opportunities clogging the pipeline
  • No more long sales cycles hindering productivity
  • No more low CRM compliance and ROI
  • No more unhappy reps resenting their increased admin.

vyn- Improve competitive insights flow

Ask the people who know best.

Nobody knows your client better than your reps, but fresh, high value insights that answer the complex ‘why’s are rarely captured into your CRM. vyn keeps reps visible and happy by allowing them to effortlessly capture client conversations just after they’ve happened.


Why reps love to vyn:bob

  • Simple for the field - mobile first
  • Automatic reminders with relevant questions
  • 7.5 x faster than typing into a mobile device
  • Less admin time
  • Fewer conference calls and status updates
  • More selling time
  • Higher visibility – more recognition


Why managers love to vyn:anne

  • Higher win/loss ratio
  • Better and faster intelligence from the field
  • Clearer opportunity and pipeline visibility
  • More accurate analytics and forecasting
  • Continuously reinforced sales methodology
  • Make client interactions more effective
  • Faster onboarding for new reps
  • Improved coaching resources
  • Easier large account collaboration
  • Higher CRM compliance and ROI.

vyn delivers augmented intelligence:

  • Healthier sales pipeline – poor opportunities are weeded out allowing resources to be focused on the best opportunities.
  • Shortened sales cycle – because there is a clearer picture of the key opportunities.
  • Reduced cost of sales – Encourage early ‘Qualify out’ more productive sales teams.
  • Better ROI into your CRM system with real time information, rich and easily accessible qualitative reporting.
  • Improved sales team retention – more motivation, more focus, more wins, reduced admin, higher individual profile.
  • Embed sales methodology – embed your way of selling into daily action, save expensive training. Structured storyboards allow you to reinforce your preferred sales methodology every time a customer interaction is captured with vyn.
  • Timely competitive intelligence and analytics.
  • One version of truth on CRM - accelerate responsiveness by aligning bid teams, sales operations and management.
  • Faster onboarding for new reps and better coaching resources for existing team members.

vyn Sales Intelligence delivers