Build trust with your customers

vyn intelligently captures updates from your field engineers in simple, 30-60-second SmartVideoNotes (‘vyns’). Simplify your forms and augment the intelligence in your workflows with vyn.


  • Upgrade your customer experience with high quality SmartVideoNotes shared between the engineer and the customer
  • Cut costs by reducing repeat visits, automating and simplifying your workflows
  • Grow your revenue through smart recommendations for follow-up, cross-sell and up-sell
  • Build a proactive culture of Health & Safety and encourage best practices
  • Increase responsiveness with faster insights and faster, better informed decisions
  • Gain a competitive advantage as first mover on the vyn platform, realising and shaping operational benefits and creating new digital solutions powered by AI.

Fast intelligence, powered by vyn

vyn can transform workflows, help identify new opportunities and revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall decision making.

We draw on the mobile technology of today using state-of-the-art algorithms to transform field workforces - with better visibility, responsiveness, quality and efficiency. Our customers benefit from real-time visibility into key field operative and customer care workflows, using a rich data stream extracted directly from their most critical business-as-usual activities. Indexed in real time, the data is labelled, categorised and mapped to data models and knowledge maps to allow rapid and automated decision making.

Organisations benefit from intelligent automation, smart recommendations and real-time analytics.

We hold several patented technologies that combine machine learning, data modelling, rich media and deep learning architectures. Our intelligent automation means that vyn can spot intentions, predict actions and propose recommendations. All this AI-enhanced data flows effortlessly into your business intelligence system.

vyn Sales Intelligence delivers