Kapil Singhal, CEO & Co-Creator of vynKapil, Co-founder & CEO | UK

Growth, Sales & Teams, Enterprise
Aricent (KKR company), Ericsson
London Business School, IIT Delhi (EE/CS)

Kapil earned an MBA at London Business School and is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Delhi, with a 2 year degree in Computer Science.
Enjoys building teams, creating experiences and scaling businesses, with ~19 years industry experience in software and mobile industry. Kapil joined Aricent (KKR owned) as the second employee in Europe, he built and led successful teams covering Europe, N. America and Australia, where developed client relationships with FTSE 100 and global Fortune 500 firms.  He led significant revenue growth from zero to £250m during his tenure. Worked closely with frog to integrate the design business into Aricent.