Our story

We want to create a more human business environment, powered by more human communications and using technology to simplify and improve our working lives. Video and mobile are at the heart of this vision.

We recognised that whilst business is increasingly mobile, many business tools were not. As businesses seek to improve productivity from their mobile teams, they lack the appropriate tools to make both users’ and managers’ lives easier. We saw that solutions such as CRM systems were not as effective or efficient as they could be because the people on whom the systems rely to capture the data to drive them weren’t sufficiently considered in the design process.

In the anytime, anywhere economy we identified that we needed to reach the right person, at the right time, to capture the right information. This was the high value, human intelligence that was missing from business workflows. And if that intelligence, once captured, could be operationalised it would drive better, faster decision making and revolutionise productivity for any workflow.

We then designed and built our simple, intuitive and intrinsically human solution to this problem – vyn.

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Designed for simplicity

We designed vyn – an event driven Software as a Service (SaaS) platform:

  • Simple for the field - mobile first
  • Easy discovery and timely action for management
  • Better ROI into your CRM and workflows with real time information, rich and easily accessible qualitative reporting.

We call it vyntelligence

Business runs on the quality of its intelligence, yet reports are often inaccurate or slow. We have solved this problem and built an event driven customer interaction platform.

  • Capture live insights from the field, by asking the right people the right questions at the right time. vyn prompts the most relevant questions based on the opportunity’s progression in the sales cycle and its state of dormancy
  • Create invaluable human intelligence on exactly what’s happening and why in less than a minute.
  • Enable your teams to make better, faster decisions and accelerate productivity in any workflow.

Thoughtful Data Capture