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Launching vynforGood: Human-first technologies for a better tomorrow

At vyn, we strive to create more human business environments, powered by more human communications and boosted by Artificial Intelligence. Will you join us? Read about our commitment to building a better tomorrow.

#vynforGood: Building the vyn purpose since 2013 - Simplify work-life.


Nandu Nandkishore on Disruption – #vynsights series 1

We are committed to creating lasting learning moments for everyone’s benefit. In this first 5-part series below, learn from Nandu as he shares his ‘vynsights’ into what you need to do – today – to thrive in this age of disruption:

Nandu Nandkishore, C-Suite Leader, Mentor, Coach, Professor, Former Executive Board Member at Nestlé


Case study: Service engineers transforming the customer experience with Augmented Intelligence

One of Europe’s largest utility and home services companies is reimagining their service workflows for lower costs, better customer experience and greater up-sell opportunities. Find out how in our most recent case study.

Field service engineer: "It would not have been possible to explain the extent of the damage from the leaking boiler using email or a text note - vyn SmartVideoNotes made it possible".


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