Meet the Vynner – Madhur


27 September 2021

When did you join and what do you do at Vyn?

I am a Customer Success Engineer (CSE) here at Vyntelligence. I joined Vyn as a part-time student in April 2021 and then assumed a full-time role in June 2021.

Tell us about your typical day.

A typical day at Vyn involves a myriad of things that makes work interesting and rewarding. As a CSE, I am the living bridge between the different verticals of the company including Product, Sales, Pre-Sales, Engineering, Data Science and the most important one — Customer! This helps me feed direct customer feedback into product design and development and allows people enablement at a wider level across all disciplines. The phrase “right questions to right people at the right time” perfectly sums up this role.

What do you enjoy about working at Vyn?

Working in a scale-up startup has its own thrill. But Vyn is a ride in itself. It offers three things which I believe are vital for any individual.

1. Extreme Ownership — It allowed me to own my work in a way that my ideas and suggestions are valued. At the same time, we are always pumped with the energy to try anything new that could potentially make a difference.

2. Extreme Collaboration — At Vyn, I have gotten to interact with the brightest individuals and contribute to complex solutions. This instils smart teamwork and right decision making!

3. A base — A base where one can reimagine the way a business works and make a difference in how the industry works. It is also a place where we take pride in making life simple and creating more time for family and friends.

When you’re not Vynning, how are you winning in life?

I have JUST started to learn how to play the tabla. It is a fairly fresh hobby and it’s quite exciting. I also enjoy building Lego, playing the guitar and watching Netflix in my free time.

Madhur bongo

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