Easily digitise & enable remote inspections with Vyn SmartVideoNotes

Vyntelligence partnered with a multinational renewable energy corporation to enable remote inspection, digital upskilling and asset intelligence across sites

The Challenge

Our client had their experts using checklists for monitoring and assuring works on their onshore wind construction projects.

As they grew, they needed to digitise and automate QA/QC inspections to industrialise processes & enable remote assurance capabilities with a lean team of experts.

The Solution

Vyntelligence’s short, guided videos and dynamic checklists helped digitise and standardise complex inspections.

With a supervisory dashboard showcasing AI-powered analytics, experts were empowered to remotely supervise and audit works with prioritised information.

“Vyn’s AI allows you to start looking at what your recurring issues are and how you can fix them…It’s efficiency – it’s what every business is looking for. Additionally, Vyn enables us to upskill and multiskill our field teams and make smarter use of our limited human resources”
– Operations & Strategy Specialist, Renewable Energy Multinational 

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The Outcome

With agile deployment across multiple sites in under 4 weeks for QA/QC mechanical, civil and electrical inspection processes, our client had clear visibility into all field work, assets and subcontractor works.

Our client was also able to perform 100% of site inspections remotely with experts saving time, cost & carbon miles through avoiding unnecessary travel

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