vynsight captures live insights from your reps, wherever they are, in a minute or less. . We make it ridiculously easy to capture high quality updates from meetings, customer or consumer interactions, and share them with a wider sales team, marketing colleagues or directly into your CRM.

vynsight instantly builds superior sales intelligence, so you see what’s happening and why. Make better, faster decisions for happier and more productive teams.

Mobile video captures the emotion and nuances critical to effective work communication. Indeed it’s five times more effective as a communications medium. vynsight uses short, guided video communications that accelerate the productivity of sales, customer experience and account management teams.

vynsight quick summary:

30-60 second self-recorded video notes.
Guided storyboards based on relevant questions keep the content focused, relevant and concise.

End-to-end data & privacy protection ensures information remains totally secure.

Post video notes straight to a CRM record, Chatter group or Marketing Cloud – all from mobile.

Tags, storyboard categorization and speech-to-textword recognition provides a rich source of metadata to drive action.


Vinsignt summary

vynsight delivers:

  • Faster insights on customer views or product launches to quickly identify issues and accelerate growth.
  • Increased capture of customer, competitor and team insights, building key capabilities in the process
  • Fewer emails and conference calls, smarter planning, reduced admin and reporting time together offer more time to spend with clients.
  • Easier large account collaboration across distributed teams.
  • Timely competitive intelligence and analytics.
  • Robust end-to-end data security and privacy protection
  • Better ROI into your CRM system with real time information, rich and easily accessible qualitative reporting.
  • Improved sales team retention and collaboration – more motivation, more focus, more wins, reduced admin, higher individual profile.

vynsight delivers

Simple and smart analytics

Metadata from tags, structured storyboards, speech-to-text keywords, colleague endorsements and comments all drive powerful metrics.

The vynsight algorithm then enables quick access to those insights identified within your own business culture as the most valuable.

Improve CRM and business workflow compliance, enabling faster and better decision-making locally and globally.

Vinsignt analytics

Builds content and capability

Lost content is lost time. vynsight allows search by using manual and auto-tagging throughout.

Users can bookmark and organise content individually and build and share learning lists of related content. This can greatly reduce time-consuming tasks like onboarding.

All content is stored and easily archivable, rather than dying a natural death in an inbox or folder. This enables content re-application, rather than re-invention, because similar topics or questions often remain relevant.


Vinsignt builds content and capability

Seriously secure

vynsight delivers end-to-end data security and privacy protection without compromising user experience and productivity. vynsight was crafted from the ground up to meet stringent data privacy and compliance demands.

We treat data privacy with the utmost importance and never share externally with third parties. Use of user data is limited to delivering a personalised service and system driven communication. Secure access to the the app is via your chosen PIN code or through biometric identification (on supported devices).

Seriously secure Vyn